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Programs at the Center

Our Financial Stability Coach provides personalized financial counseling services to individuals and families in the community. This includes budget development and planning to assure self-sufficiency.


Our Coach also offers financial stability classes throughout the community. If you are interested in joining a class or scheduling one at your location, contact Lisa. 



The Family Success Center and the Financial Stability Coach also work with the YMCA of Coosa Valley Scholarship Program, the Never Surrender Mammogram Voucher Program, and Man Up Gadsden's Prostate and Testicular Screening Program to help provide assistance for better health!


 If you would like assistance with financial planning--to create a budget, pay down debt, or improve your credit score--or would like to inquire about the scholarships and voucher programs or would like for the Financial Stability Coach to come and speak to your group, please contact Lisa.



Lisa Brown, CFEI: 

256-547-6888 Ext. 107

The Safe and Successful Child Abuse Prevention Program and the PEACE Program at the Family Success Center are school-based programs in Etowah County serving students from Kindergarten through 10th grade.  The programs are taught in all three school systems and several private schools. This program also serves an average of 134,000 residents of our county each year in community outreach and education. 

Safe and Successful and the PEACE Program are Child Abuse Prevention Programs funded by the Children’s Trust Fund and sponsored by the Caring Foundation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama:

Please contact:  Deana Thacker, Ed.S.

at 256-547-6888 Ext. 106

Please contact:  Teresa Owens for the PEACE Program


Deana Thacker, Ed.S.

Teresa Owens

​The expansion of this service was made possible through a grant

from the Stringfellow Health Fund of the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama. The Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama is a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity that works with donors to establish long-term charitable funds, using the most tax-advantaged methods to benefit their causes and community.

Hope Counseling

Kristia Thompson

Family Counselor

Ext. 109

Counseling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. This service helps people navigate difficult life situations, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, natural disasters, school stress, love of a job, etc.  Our Children's Counselor sees children 3-18.  Our Family Counselor sees everyone over the age of 18.  All of our services are free!

Haley Roberts, LMSW

Children's Counselor

Ext. 105

Logo Counseling.jpg

Founded in 1988, 2nd Chance, Inc. is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization that provides safe shelter and supportive services to victims of domestic and sexual violence escaping abusive situations and offers educational outreach to the community to create awareness of and strengthen the movement to end this violence.

To reach the 2nd Chance Etowah County Outreach Office for assistance, guidance, speaking engagements, or donations, please contact:

 Eve Hamrick, B.A., CPLC

256-547-6888 Ext. 103

 For immediate assistance, please call:  256-236-7381 or


If you are a current or previous victim/survivor of abuse and seeking Trauma Counseling with Kelley Mizic, LPC, please reach out to Eve Hamrick at Ext. 103 for an appointment.


For Information please visit our AHRMEI page:

Two Programs: 

AHMRE - Relationship Education for couples

AYRE - Relationship Education for youth

A relationship program helping couples learn how to Elevate their relationship.  Also a youth program to educate youth about healthy relationships.

For Youth, Please contact Allison Nessler:

​at 256-547-6888 Ext. 112

For Couples, Please contact Lisa Brown

at 256-547-6888 Ext. 107


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The Supervised Visitation Program at the Family Success Center offers three services:  monitored exchange of visitation, preparation of parenting plans and supervised visits.  All three services are free and available to the general public.  This grant is provided by the Administration Office of Courts.

Visit the Supervised Visitation Page Here.

Contact:  Victoria Smith, BSW

at 256-547-6888 ext. 114 or


Africa Bell, LMSW, CPLC, CBTC
E2 Life Support Coach
256-547-6888 ext. 109

The Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama (CFNEA) champions thriving communities and strives to improve lives through collaborative partnerships by awarding grants and scholarships. The 2015 Community Needs Assessment strongly indicated the need for breaking the cycle of poverty.  Working with our partners throughout northeast Alabama, CFNEA created the E2 Program. Funded through the Stringfellow Health Fund, the E2 Program focuses on education, employment and a two-generational strategy to reduce the number of people living below the poverty level.  

The E2 Program provides opportunities for continued education programs: Associate Degrees, Short- or Long-Term Certificates, and Skills Training through Gadsden State Community College. The E2 Program will also provide employment opportunities upon the completion of the education program through East AlabamaWorks and the Gadsden Career Center. Participating students are 18 years or older and have at least one child that is five years old or less.

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The Inclusive Needs Program, funded by the Honda USA Foundation, will be sponsoring children, teens, and young adults to attend Camp ASCCA in Jackson Gap, Alabama.  We will also be working to fund medical equipment for our children, teens, and young adults who have needs not covered by insurance.  Support Groups for Parents of children with Special Needs, and transportation assistance.

Extension 115 -

Lori Shaw, RN, BSN


Substance Abuse Council

of Etowah County

 Court Referral Education Program

Please Contact: 

Lisa Brown, Director

 at 256-547-6888 ext. 107


Mental Health Assessments/
Human Trafficking Screeners/Parenting

Giselle Sharp, LICSW-PIP, RPT
of Sharp Counseling.
Kelley Mizic, LPC of 2nd Chance, Inc.
Africa Bell, LMSW, CPLC, CBTC
Brittani Studdard, LBSW
Lisa Brown, CFEI, PAT/Triple P Certified
Heather Lowe, LMSW
Eve Hamrick, PAT/Triple P Certified
Data Manager:  Victoria Smith, BSW


Trauma Counseling:
Kelley Mizic, LPC of 2nd Chance, Inc.

Family Counselor:

Africa Bell, LMSW, CPLC, CBTC
Heather Lowe, LMSW

Deanna Morales - Lead Translator
Sandra Mendez Heath
Jazmin Lopez
Cherande Regis

Gregório Prazeres
Cindy Olivares-Espinosa

This is a referral only based program, where individuals are referred from I.S.A.P/Bi-Inc.  The referred individuals will receive Mental Health Assessments, Human Tracking Screenings, access to Family Counseling, Trauma Counseling, Human Trafficking Educational Based-Programs, Child Abuse Prevention, and Parenting Education.

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Allison Nessler
256-547-6888 ext. 112

This Public Awareness Program will be focusing on making the general population of Etowah County and surrounding counties aware of child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it. Helping parents and caregivers connect with community resources that will strengthen the family and enhance parent/guardian education.

Prevention Talks will host workshops, rallies, fundraisers and meetings all to help better educate Etowah County on the subject of child abuse and how to spot it, report it, and prevent it.

Funded by the Alabama Department of Child Abuse & Neglect


Maternity Care Coordinaors

Constant care, for those who need it most.

My Care Alabama East is the Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN) Entity for the East Region. The goal of My Care Alabama East is to create a team of community and healthcare partners who are dedicated to providing Medicaid recipients with the highest quality of care possible in east Alabama.

256-547-6888 Ext. 104


Free haircuts for Low-Income Families, Domestic Violence Victims, Victims of Child Abuse/Neglect, Homeless, those with pending court hearings. 

Offered THREE times a month!

Please call Allison:  256-547-6888

ext. 112


Legal Services of Alabama helps qualified low-income Alabamians get free, high-quality legal help in civil (non-criminal) matters. LSA helps survivors of domestic and family violence get: protection from abuse; child custody and child support; safe housing; safety plans with employers; and food stamps and other available benefits. LSA helps provide: resources to stabilize daily life; information about ways to become self-sufficient; advice and support to make lasting changes in the lives of parent and child(ren); community partnerships with other agencies and organizations to widen and individual's network of services; and education to raise awareness about issues related to domestic and family violence.  Legal Services has been housed at the center since 2007.

 Please Call:

256-547-6888 Ext. 108




 For an online application, please visit:

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Children's Policy Council of Etowah County

The Children’s Policy Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and assisting with the needs of children and families in Etowah County.


We are a community resource that collaborates in partnerships with a broad cross-section of community organizations, groups, and individuals.


Our mission is to increase the opportunities available and ultimately improve the lives of Etowah County children and their families.

united ability.jpg

Early intervention builds on this natural learning occurring during the first few years of life so that children enjoy an important head start for gaining critical skills needed for success. Hand in Hand's Early Intervention Program offers quality services that facilitate this growth and development and allow children and families more independence in the community. It is a program for children with diagnosed disabilities or delays in development who are between the ages of birth to 3 years, as well as their families. The Early Intervention Program is provided at no cost to the family.

Please contact


Success by 6 is a catalyst for change, directing attention and resources to new projects that impact young children. We do this through Partnerships with businesses, civic groups, schools and churches; Education for all new parents and caregivers; Prevention, targeting roadblocks that keep our children from becoming successful adults; and Intervention, becoming mentors to new young mothers. Success by 6 is a program of the United Way of Etowah County.


The H.O.P.E. Program is an Parenting Education Program offered for free every 6 weeks at the Family Success Center on Thursdays at 4pm!

To Contact Lisa Brown, PAT Certified and Triple P Certified, of the H.O.P.E. Program (Helping Our Parents Excel) -

Please call:   256-547-6888 ext. 107

 Or Africa Bell, LMSW, Triple P Certified, at ext. 109

Or Molli LeMay - Program Director, at 256-547-2581

 To Learn More about Success by Six and the H.O.P.E. Program, click HERE

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