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Saturday:  February 23, 2019


210 at the Tracks

1. Tickets and Sponsorships:  Tickets are available at the Family Success Center as well as on our website!  All tickets include dinner catered by Local Joe's.

  • Individual Tickets - $50 (Entrance to Mardi Gras Magic 2019 and Dinner by Local Joe's)

  • Full Table - $400 (Entrance to Mardi Gras Magic 2019, Table of 8, Dinner for 8 by Local Joe's)

  • Purple Sponsorship - $500 (Entrance to Mardi Gras Magic 2019, Table for 8, Dinner, 8 Event glasses and other Mardi Gras Accessories, Media Recognition)

  • Gold Sponsorship - $1000 (As a God Sponsor, you or your business will receive: VIP Seating, Table of 8, Priority Dinner Service, Complimentary Bottle of Wine, 8 Event Glasses and other Mardi Gras Accessories, 2 VIP Parking Passes, Media and Social Media/Website Recognition)

  • Crown Sponsorship - $2000 (As a Crown Sponsor, you or your business will receive: VIP Seating, Table for 8, Priority Dinner Service, Complimentary Bottle of Wine, 8 event glasses and other Mardi Gras Accessories, 4 VIP parking passes, TOP Media Recognition, May Display Signage at the Event)

Your transaction is safe! If you would like to pay with a debit or credit card select the PayPal option when checking out. You can then choose to login to your PayPal Account OR if you don't have a PayPal account select "Guest Checkout".

For sponsorships and full tables you have the option to be invoiced for your tickets or to pay directly online. 

2.  Will there be entertainment??

Absolutely!  We will have live jazz music!  As well as a DJ!  And don't forget the Second Line Band at the end of the night!

3.  Will there be alcohol?

Only if you bring it!  This event is BYOB! 

               So grab your cooler!
We will provide soda mixers, buckets, and ice!

4.  What should I wear?

You can come dressed in your favorite Mardi Gras outfit or in your cocktail attire!  Some come decked out in full costumes, some come wearing cocktail dresses and tuxedos, some come business casual.  It is completely up to you!

5.  Will dinner be provided?

Absolutely!  Jocal Joe's will provide a full New Orleans Inspired Dinner!  As soon as we have the menu, we will provide it here and on our Facebook page for you to see!

7.  Is this a fundraiser?

Yes, it is!!!  Mardi Gras Magic 2019 benefits the Family Success Center of Etowah County!  We would love for you to learn more about what we do!  We are a non-profit agency that helps families!  Your dollars will allow more individuals to meet with a Financial Stability Coach to learn to get back on track.  Your dollars will allow for more families, couples, and children to meet with a Family Counselor for free, as well as, utilize our Supervised Visitation Program.  It will allow more students to learn about Abuse, Relationships, Internet Safety.  It will allow for more people in Etowah County to learn about Safe Sleep Practices, get Parenting Classes, or In-Home Visitations to help new moms adjust!

Click the HOME page to learn about the many different programs housed at the Family Success Center.  Your dollars help those affected by domestic violence, mental health issues and even substance abuse!  We are here to help you and your Sponsorships, table purchases, and ticket sales make all of this possible and more!

8.  What else should I know?
There will be a Professional Photographer there who will be ready to take your picture with a Mardi Gras Background!  Packages for photos will be available that will be ready before you leave!

9.  Where can I get updates on the event as it comes?

Check out the Family Success Center Facebook Page and our Mardi Gras Magic 2019 Event Page!  Click Below!


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